Maximize Your Unused Dental Benefits Before Dec 31st

Maximize Your Unused Dental Benefits Before Dec 31st

It’s already November and before you know it, the end of the year will be here. As you go about planning your holiday schedule it’s also a good time to squeeze in that last visit to the dental clinic for you and your family. Why? Because on December 31st, any leftover benefits that you haven’t used will expire. That’s right, on January 1st, your insurance plan resets. Whatever you didn’t use, you lose.

Do I Need to Use the Benefits by the End of the Year?

Yes. Both health-wise and financially, the smartest thing to do for your smile is always to stay ahead of oral health issues. One of the best ways to do that is to utilize the insurance coverage your plan allows you to spend each year. Usually, that’s two cleanings, two exams, and 50-80% toward common dental treatments.

Even falling a few months behind on your preventative care schedule can allow issues like gum disease to take hold. Or small cavities to expand deeper into teeth. “Should I use or lose my dental benefits if I’m close to year’s end,” you ask? Always use them! Early treatments minimize your out-of-pocket responsibility, but they also help to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

Splitting Coverage Between Two Years of Benefits

Do you have several teeth that need to be restored? A great option is to begin treating the most important issues first before your annual benefits run out. Then once your coverage resets on January 1st, you can apply the new year of coverage toward the next steps in your treatment plan.

While we don’t recommend delaying treatment because of your insurance allowances, timing procedures toward the end and beginning of a calendar year can financially work towards your favor. Especially when 2-3 different appointments are involved.

When you speak to our Moorpark dental treatment coordinators, we’ll outline your estimated benefits as they relate to your care needs. That way you can budget accordingly, which is especially important around the holidays!

If you’re already fairly close to meeting your deductible, it just makes sense to go ahead and plan treatments before December 31st, so that you don’t have to re-pay your deductible entirely again after January 1st. Getting ahead of your treatment now puts you in a position of long-term maintenance and prevention, which tends to be covered at a higher amount than restorative treatments are.

How Long Has it Been?

Have you seen our Moorpark dentist since the beginning of the pandemic? If not, it’s important to have your teeth and gums evaluated. The past year and a half-combined with “mask mouth” and most of us gaining a few pounds-have equated to an uptick in dental concerns. Since your insurance likely covers preventative services at 100% (and you’re already paying a monthly premium to use them) you might as well go ahead and get caught up on your biannual dental exams.

During your visit, we’ll clean and evaluate your teeth, then make you aware of anything that needs your attention. Fortunately, most dental problems are preventable with good home care. When you know what to look for and where to direct your attention, you can limit the need to fall back on your dental insurance coverage for fillings, crowns, or gum disease therapy. The key is to stay ahead of them before symptoms begin to develop.

When Should I Schedule an Appointment to Use My Remaining Benefits?

The clock is ticking. Our dentist in Moorpark is currently offering limited appointments now through the end of the year. Evening and weekend availability will likely fill up the quickest. We recommend scheduling as soon as possible to reserve a time that best fits your personal schedule. Don’t wait, these visits will go especially quickly as the holidays approach!